Wheel & Tire Alignment Service in Calgary

Wheel & Tire Alignment Service

When it comes to alignment, guess-work is simply not an option. Issues with your vehicles alignment show symptoms very gradually at first, usually seeming like a small inconvenience. But if left to it’s own devices your vehicles alignment will cause more and more problems more and more quickly.

If you are noticing that your vehicles tires are wearing unevenly, your vehicle is pulling to one direction without any steering input, or you feel excessive vibration in your pedals or steering wheel this might mean it is time for service.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Alignment:

How do I know if my cars alignment is off?
Some of the most common signs that your car is out of alignment include:

  • If your steering wheel vibrates while driving

  • If your car naturally wants to drift to one side

  • If your steering wheel feels like it isn’t centered when you are driving straight
Some concerns include:

  • Your tires may wear out more quickly than normal

  • Your car will exhibit poor handling

  • It will make the ride uncomfortable

  • You will have less control while driving
The best thing to do when looking into your vehicle’s service needs is to refer to the vehicle manual. Find your manual’s alignment section to see how often this needs to be checked out. To be doubly sure, bring your vehicle in for an alignment check here at Honda West. We will assess the situation, listen to your concerns, and set about finding the solution as quickly as possible. When you come in for other services, it is always a good idea to ask for your alignment to be checked after doing a service on it to ensure the alignment is consistently straight. Well monitored alignment makes for a much longer life for your vehicle.
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