Service Plan Plus Guarantee

  • Engine

    All internal lubricated components or parts, cylinder head(s), balance shafts, timing chain/belt and covers, pulleys, guides and tensioners, oil pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, engine mounts, cylinders, diesel engine, vacuum pump, valve covers and rotor housing.

  • Manual Transmission & Transfer Case

    All internally lubricated parts, flywheel, transmission mounts, transmission case and transfer case.

  • Automatic Transmission & Transfer Case

    All internally lubricated parts, flex plate, vacuum modulator, transmission mounts, torque converter (internal parts only), transmission case and transfer case.

  • Drive Axels (Front & Rear)

    All internal parts, drive shafts, axle bearings, drive axles, stub axles, tripod joints, universal joints, CV joints and boots, drive axle housing.

  • Seals & Gaskets

    Seals and gaskets on all covered parts.

  • Fluid & Oils

    Fluid and oils as required as part of mechanical breakdown.

Terms & Conditions

1. Guarantee covers the above-noted items for a period of 90 days or 6,000km, whichever occurs first, from the date of purchase.

2. All guarantee repair work must be performed by Honda West unless otherwise specifically authorized by Wheaton Honda West management.

3. This guarantee is not transferable.

4. This guarantee is void if breakdown or damage to covered items occurs as the result of a traffic collision, vandalism, abuse and/or neglect.

5. This guarantee is only applicable if the manufacturer warranty or applicable extended service contracts are no longer valid due to time or mileage. If another valid warranty or extended service contract is valid, the customer shall apply for coverage as required through the manufacturer warranty or extended service contract.

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