Purchasing a Honda From Out of Province

Buying A New Or Used Vehicle From Out Of Province

If you are buying a vehicle from Wheaton Honda West and are planning on taking it back to your home province, there are a couple of things you will need to make your first trip a smooth one.

• First, you will need a copy of your temporary insurance at the time you schedule to pick up your vehicle. The temporary insurance document can be obtained from your insurance broker/agent in your home province before you leave to get your new vehicle.

• Next, you will be directed to the local registry with a copy of your temporary insurance, your signed Bill of Sale. For new vehicles, you will need your signed New Vehicle Information Sheet (NVIS). For pre-owned vehicles, a copy of the vehicle registration is provided by the Financial Services Manager.

• The local registry office will provide you with a seven-day in-transit sticker which will allow you to travel back to your home province without having a license plate on the vehicle.

• When you arrive back in your home province, you will need to insure and register the vehicle. You may need the Bill of Sale and the NVIS or registration to complete the registration in your home province, so keep these in a safe place.

• Any Provincial Sales Taxes (PST) due will be collected by your local insurance agency as Wheaton Honda West is not registered to collect PST for other provinces.

We Make Purchasing A New Vehicle Hassle Free

  • Out-Of-Town Buyer

    If you live outside Calgary but want to purchase a vehicle from Wheaton Honda West, we have the perfect program for you! Our Out-of-Town Buyers Program caters to travelling customers and clients who live out of town, offering convenient options for picking up or shipping your vehicle. We can help get your vehicle to you whether you live in Calgary, across Alberta or outside of the province.

  • Documentation

    Once your chosen vehicle is ready to ship, we’ll give you detailed, personalized documentation including, photos/video, mechanical report, and car proof. You will also be notified at every point of the process from shipment to delivery.

  • Taxes

    At the time of purchase, Wheaton Honda West will only charge 5% GST. You are responsible for paying PST and/or HST, where applicable, in your home province upon registering your vehicle.

  • Financing

    At Wheaton Honda West, we partner with a number of major financial institutions to give you a range of financing options on our vehicles. Most of our new and used vehicles qualify for financing. Contact our financing department to discover the best options for you.

  • Shipping

    Wheaton Honda West offers a number of reliable shipping options for our customers and we will keep you informed at every step of the delivery process. Our shipping partners are fully insured, and will ensure your vehicle arrives in a timely manner, in the condition it left our dealership. Before being shipped, we will send you a video to document its condition while you await the arrival of your new car!

  • Picking Up Your Car In Person

    As an alternative to shipping, Wheaton Honda West has flown many of our out-of-town customers to Calgary so that they can drive their vehicle back home. Let us know if this option is one you would like to explore when we finalize your deal.

Honda Will Be Providing You With:
  • Complete, signed Bill of Sale by both parties to provide to the registries office
  • A signed NVIS from at delivery (for new vehicles)
  • A copy of the registration (for preowned vehicles)
  • Refund for the PST (if collected) to you on delivery
  • A trip to our local registry office to receive a seven day in-transit sticker so you can safely transport the car back home

Customer Will Be Responsible For:

• Temporary insurance from your insurance broker/agent before you come to pick up your car

• Paying the PST when you register the vehicle in your home province

Thank You For Choosing Wheaton Honda West

If you have any questions please call one of our Financial Services Managers.