Windshield Assurance


Protect Your Windshield & Your Wallet

- Glass Assurance replaces Auto Glass Insurance
- Up to $5000 of coverage
- Cover ALL the glass in your vehicle including the Sunroof
- No Deductible
- Free Chip Repairs
- Improve Visibility
- Improve Night Vision and Reduce Glare
Ask us today how we can save you money on your auto insurance and protect your glass from chips, cracks and replace broken glass at no additional cost to you by filling out the form below.

CERAMX Window Protection For Your Car

Ensure the durability and strength of your vehicle by recognizing the importance of the windshield. Safeguard your loved ones and your automobile today by opting for Ceramx, an exceptional solution to enhance your windshield. Through the application of our exclusive ceramic technology, your windshield gains an invaluable protective coating, assuring the safety of you and your family in any weather condition. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with Ceramx, knowing that your vehicle attains the highest level of safety.

If you encounter any of the following challenges while driving, a ceramic coating for your windshield may offer the ideal remedy:

• Impaired visibility during rainstorms
• Difficulty or discomfort in night-time vision due to glare
• Insects or bugs adhering to the windshield

Why Should I Protect My Windshield?

- Are you paying high insurance premiums for your auto glass coverage?

- Are you paying even more in deductibles when repairing your auto glass?

- Are you only covered for your front windshield?

Our windshield assurance can lower your insurance premiums, and cover all of the glass on your

vehicle including rear & side windows. The best part? No deductible!

Benefits Of Using CERAMX On Your Windshield


Improves Visibility

The crystal clear protection that CERAMX provides works to improve windshield clarity extending driver reaction time in tough weather conditions.

Prevents From Chips & Cracks

The powerful protection layer prevents from small road debris chipping or cracking your windshield glass.

Reduces Glare

The extra layer of protection added to your windshield prevents glare from daytime sunshine and nighttime lights making your drive more safe at any time of the day.

Water Resistant

The water-resistant layer makes rain and melting snow bead away with ease and makes ice and snow easier to remove.

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