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Calgary Seller of
Used Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Why Electric?

Reduce your carbon footprint, do your part in the fight against climate change, and no monthly gasoline bill. Plus, no engine means no engine maintenance so the savings are more than just the cost of gasoline.

The technology has improved and it now makes sense for everyone to consider an electric or hybrid vehicle.

How Far Can You Drive an Electric Car?

Most of the electric vehicles that we sell will take you between 140 and 200km on a single charge so why not consider an electric vehicle as your daily commuter? 

A simple home charging station (Level 2) will recharge your electric car at home overnight (they actually need about 4-6 hours for a full recharge) and costs about $1000 or simply plug into any electrical outlet (Level 1) just like the block heater on your gas powered vehicle.

How Well Will an Electric Car Handle a Calgary Winter?

Even in the winter time, electric vehicles can perform remarkably well.  All vehicles use more energy in cold weather but Norway has the fastest EV adoption rate in the world and they have a climate much colder than Calgary’s. 

Are They Covered by Warranty?

Some of our used inventory has the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty and some have expired.  Either way, we have several extended options at an additional cost that will cover both your battery and other named components on your vehicle.

Which Electric Vehicles Are Available?

Our present inventory is somewhat limited and is listed below but if you are interested in a particular electric or hybrid used vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can usually source pretty much any make or model of vehicle. 

We can source the Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul, GM Bolts &Volts, all Tesla models, and BMW I3.  If you would also consider a hybrid or plug in hybrid, we also have access to a wide range of these models. While supply is very limited, we can also order new Honda Clarity’s.


Popular Electric Vehicle Models Comparison

Nissan Leaf

New from $42,298

Tesla Model 3

New from $54,9980
50, 62 or 75kWh

BMW i3

New from $49,000

Kia Soul

New from $42,595

Tesla Model S

New from $108,990

Chevy Bolt

New from $44,800

Tesla Model X

New from $115,990