Why You Should Service at an OEM Dealership


When it comes to choosing where you service your vehicle, you have dozens or even hundreds of different options to choose from between dealerships, independent mechanics or third-party service shops. With so many options available, why is going to an OEM dealership still your best choice? Let's take a look.


OEM Advantage



There are many other advantages that an OEM or original equipment manufacturer provides over a non-specialized service shop. 

Firstly, technicians at a Honda dealership are trained specialists in all Honda vehicles. Factory-trained technicians can diagnose and fix problems faster than independent mechanics thanks to constant training and more experience working on Honda vehicles. Diagnosing and repairing issues faster saves you time, and money and helps you avoid costly, time-consuming repeat trips to fix an ongoing problem with your vehicle. 

Resources like Techline, which combines the knowledge of thousands of certified Honda technicians across Canada and the U.S. to problem solve and list commonly known issues exclusive to OEM dealerships like Wheaton Honda West. Experience and knowledge make a huge difference when servicing your vehicle, which is why our all-star lineup of technicians here at Wheaton Honda West has over 250 years of experience, including our shop foreman who has over 30 years of automotive experience personally. 

Secondly, licensed dealerships offer additional services and warranties that aren’t offered by less reputable independent, or third-party service providers. Dealerships can complete no-cost recalls while you are getting your vehicle serviced. These recalls can vary in urgency but it's always a smart idea to have your vehicle up to date with any recalls. 

Lastly, OEM parts are made specifically for your vehicle and offer additional warranty coverage over using 3rd party or aftermarket auto parts. Certified Honda parts and labour have a 12-month/ 20,000 km replacement warranty. The warranty for aftermarket parts will vary but most of the time will only include parts coverage, leaving the customer to cover the labour costs if any replacement is needed during the warranty period.



One of the main frustrations with getting your vehicle serviced is that you need to interrupt your busy day to drop it off for service. While you’ll still need to drop it off, Wheaton Honda West can make your service experience as convenient and relaxing as possible. 

Our transportation page covers all of the different options available, which include rental vehicles, $5 Uber rides anywhere within Calgary, or even a no-charge bicycle loaner while your vehicle is being serviced. 

Beyond making your experience more comfortable, dealerships also have a much larger service shop with more employees compared to independent shops. This means dealerships will start working on your vehicle faster and if any additional maintenance is needed, dealerships can source parts faster thanks to working directly with the manufacturer.



Resale Value

Having a full list of service records from a reputable dealership can actually increase the value of your vehicle when you go to sell it down the line. Seeing service records of consistent maintenance from a dealership shows potential buyers that your car is in great shape and has the records to prove it. Because OEM parts are made specifically for your vehicle, it also reduces the likelihood of service issues throughout the full life of the vehicle.


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