What is the Honda HPD Package?

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The Honda HPD is an appearance package that can apply to multiple Honda models, so if you're interested in making your Honda look more rugged, please contact our parts department for pricing and installation.

HPD is Honda's racing division called Honda Performance Development, in North America. The add-on package is available for those who want to refresh their vehicles with some extra special parts.

All packages include special details to make their Honda look and feel special. Below are some of the available options for your Honda (Ridgeline example):


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Some of the elements available for your Honda as part of the HPD package are:

  • Front Grille: The Grille Trim adds an upgraded, custom look to the front of your new Honda.
    • Made of high-quality material for long-lasting durability
    • The Grille Trim is perfectly matched to your Honda
    • Front Grille: The Grille Trim adds an upgraded, custom look to the front of your new Honda.
  • HPD Bronze Alloy Wheels: The perfect way to add an extra wow factor to your new vehicle. Alloy wheels not only look amazing but also help ensure the longevity of wheel bearings and suspension joints.
    • Wheels are stringently tested to match all Honda requirements as well as those from the Society of Automotive Engineers
    • Width-matched to fit your car precisely for proper clearance and handling
    • Clear-coat finish over the front of the wheels helps prevent corrosion and makes cleaning easier
  • Fender Flares: For those who are going for an extra-rugged look, Fender Flares add muscle-flexing detail to your Honda
    • Made of durable polypropylene material for long life
    • Designed to match the texture and colour of the factory trim
  • Exterior Trim: Enrich your ride with a customized upgrade alternative to factory-side sills.
    • Sculptured, textured and painted to exactly match the Front and Rear Lower Trims, boosting the rugged character of your vehicle when installed together
  • HPD decals & emblem: Stamp your Honda with a badge of honour. Make a bold, graphic statement that marks the presence of a true Honda devotee.


The HPD package is available for many different Honda models. Contact our parts department to see what's available for your Honda today!