Honda Announces Future EV Plans with Sony Partnership

(Vision S - 02 Concept Vehicle from Sony)

Honda made big news recently, announcing a partnership with tech giant Sony to produce Electric Vehicles (EVs) in the future. Honda and Sony plan to launch a new company by the end of 2022 to pair these two massive brands together. Existing Honda Electric Vehicles continue to be handled by Honda solely.

With the recent TrailSport partnership as an indicator, Honda drivers can expect an enhanced trim level added to existing EVs with additional Sony offerings. Services from this new company are expected to become available in 2025. 

Sony aims to join the automotive space, with its Vision S 01 and Vision S 02 concept vehicles pictured above. A partnership between Honda and Sony sees Sony enter the automotive market and utilise Honda’s successful history while supplying high-quality electronics. A win-win for both Honda and Honda owners. 

(Honda Prologue Concecpt SUV)

In the meantime, Honda has announced a fully electric SUV called the Honda Prologue.  Honda has previously stated a goal to be fully electric by 2040 and this partnership with Sony is a step in that direction. The infrastructure and charging network of EVs need to improve across the country. However, Honda and most other automakers have announced similar plans to go fully electric in the next 20-30 years. 

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