Honda West Recall Update for March 2019

Honda West Recall Update for March 2019

You may have heard news stories about an airbag recall of Honda vehicles in Canada. As a Honda West customer, you may have already visited us for recalls in the past and this announcement is similar to previous ones.

Honda is recalling about 80,000 vehicles in Canada due to potentially faulty Takata airbags. While there have been no issues in Canada, Honda is cautious for the safety of our customers and want to ensure the airbag system works properly when it is needed.

In this announcement only early model Hondas are affected, and even more precisely, those vehicles which had a Takata airbag inflator installed during a previous airbag recall or collision repair.

The models affected by the recall are as follows:

  • Honda Accord 2001-2007
  • Honda Civic 2001-2005
  • Honda CR-V 2002-2006
  • Honda Element 2003-2010
  • Honda Odyssey 2002-2004
  • Honda Pilot 2003-2008
  • Honda Ridgeline 2006

If your vehicle falls into this model/ production year range, please visit the recall page on the Honda West website, where owners are able to input their VIN number to determine the status of their vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding this recall notice, please contact Honda West at 403-249-9394 and we can service your vehicle at your earliest possible convenience.

Thank You,

Honda West